Atelier Kempe Thill

Posted on: December 1, 2010
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Andre Kempe and Oliver Thill graduated in 1996 from the Technical University in Dresden. They moved to the Netherlands, drawn by it’s vibrant architectural climate in which quality social housing is highly valued. After working for several prominent architects, they opened their own office in 2000. Since then, they’ve realized an array of public buildings, museums and apartment blocks. With Hiphouse they managed to make something extraordinary within a limited budget.

Kempe Thill create structures that are economical as well as innovative. The aim of their work is to achieve “Specific Neutrality”, a quality that expresses the hidden vitality of our time through architecture.

Dutch Profiles is a series of short documentaries produced by Submarine commissioned by DutchDFA about architects, graphic, product and fashion designers in the Netherlands. Dutch Profiles focuses on the conceptual, context-oriented and research-based practice of Dutch designers and includes interviews with, among others: MVRDV, Irma Boom, Jurgen Bey, Claudy Jongstra, Hella Jongerius, Paul Mijksenaar, Marlies Dekkers, Alexander van Slobbe and G-Star.

CREDITS Director: Mattijs Mollee, Camera: Marijn Zurburg, Sound: Benny Jansen, Editing: Noud Holtman, Music Sound Design: Jesse Koolhaas, Research: Kirsten Hannema, Commissioning editor Submarine: Geert van de Wetering, Producer Submarine: Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen, Produced by Submarine, Commissioned by DutchDFA

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