Ted Noten

Posted on: October 8, 2009
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Jewellery designer Ted Noten loves to cast strange objects in acrylic blocks. A bag with a golden gun, a pendant with a little mouse wearing pearls, or a necklace with a grasshopper, a house fly and some cigarette butts.

Nothing is too crazy for Noten. As long as the designs turn the prevailing expectations of what jewellery is, upside down. His acrylic adventures earned him the title Archaeologist of the Future, and much acclaim in both the design, and the art world.

The work of Noten is loaded with social satire. His beautifully crafted pieces parody greed, mock tradition and ridicule our status obsessed, celebrity culture.

Ted Noten talks about his project Haunted by 36 women, a collection of rings, necklaces and brooches inspired by female archetypes like The Girl Next Door, The Femme Fatale, The Fashionista and The Nymphomaniac.

Director: Allard Detiger, Camera: Sal Kroonenberg, Sound: Steven van Dijk, Editing: Niels de Roos, Creative Producer: Geert van de Wetering, Producer: Olivia van Leeuwen, Produced by Submarine, Music Sound Design: Pastelle Music, Commissioned by DutchDFA

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