Alexander van Slobbe

Posted on: September 25, 2009
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Alexander van Slobbe gained widespread admiration for his SO brand. Japan in particular embraced these minimalist designs, and he soon gained a huge following there. A few years ago, Van Slobbe quit SO to return his focus to Orson & Bodil, the revered womenswear line which he initiated over 20 years ago together with Nannet van der Kleijn.

Van Slobbe places masterful workmanship at the very forefront of his work ethic – and he has very particular ideas about the public’s obsession with luxury fashion brands. Ideas that form the basis of his philosophy for New Luxury.

Van Slobbe aims to introduce a Western audience to designs which combine minimal form and function to surprising new ends, that reference classic forms, move away from archetypal functions, and leave out anything which doesn’t strictly need to be there.

Director: Paul de Heer, Camera: Marijn Zurburg, Sound: Jaap Sijben, Editing: Dominique Kools, Creative Producer: Geert van de Wetering, Producer: Olivia van Leeuwen, Produced by Submarine, Music Sound Design: Pastelle Music, Commissioned by DutchDFA

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